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Our wooden notebooks engraved with laser cutting

The wooden notebook is a practical and aesthetic accessory, which represents an ecological alternative to traditional paper notebooks. At Atelier Orys, wooden notebooks are made from high-quality materials such as wood fiber or poplar. The designs engraved on the covers are hand-drawn, which adds a personal touch to each notebook. The handcrafted manufacturing of these wooden notebooks makes them unique. The covers are precision cut using a laser cutter for a crisp, clean result. Carefully placed perforations allow the sheets to be assembled to the metal spiral, providing great flexibility in terms of refilling. The design and functionality of these notebooks make them an ideal gift for artists, students, writers, travelers or anyone who enjoys taking notes and doing sketches or watercolors.
They are also durable and environmentally friendly, as they are fully rechargeable and the materials used in their manufacture come from renewable sources. Having a wooden notebook is a unique style statement that can bring a touch of originality to your everyday life. It is ideal for jotting down your ideas, taking notes, sketching designs or painting using the various papers available. In addition, the quality of the paper used provides a crisp and clean rendering for fluid writing. In summary, the handcrafted wooden notebooks on sale in our eco-responsible store are an ecological and aesthetic choice for anyone looking to have a durable and practical office accessory. Custom designs and the ability to refill sheets make this a versatile product for a variety of uses.
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Our wooden notebooks to personalize

If you are looking for a unique, eco-responsible and refillable notebook, the personalized wooden notebooks from our Atelier Orys are an ideal choice. These notebooks are available in A5 and A4 format, and the wooden cover can be engraved with a first name or a message of your choice. The personalization and pattern of the cover are made with care and precision using the laser cutting technique. The designs are hand drawn and engraved on the surface of the cover to create a unique and elegant design. Additionally, the personalization can be matched with the paper color under the cover of your choice and the interior paper to suit your preferences and needs. The spiral that connects the pages allows you to easily refill your notebook with new pads of paper. Moreover, these personalized wooden notebooks are perfect for a personalized gift for a special occasion.

Our personalized wooden notebooks not only provide a unique visual appearance, but they are also practical for a variety of uses, such as taking notes, writing to-do lists, drawing or painting with watercolors. Additionally, the color of the paper used under the cover can be chosen according to your taste. The quality paper inside ensures smooth writing and a great option for drawings and paintings with the ability to choose a weight to suit your needs. Finally, the ability to personalize wooden notebooks with your own message or design is a great way to express yourself and bring out your personality. Personalized wooden notebooks from our artisan stationery store are a durable and stylish choice for anyone looking to add a personal touch to their stationery and office.