A unique notebook

Our wooden notebooks are made by us with a lot of love. They are unique, like you!

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Our notebooks

Our wooden notebooks engraved with laser cutting The wooden notebook is a... 

Atelier Orys

Atelier Orys, French artisanal and eco-responsible boutique

Welcome to Atelier Orys, our French artisanal and eco-responsible boutique. We are a company passionate about making high-quality, handcrafted products while being environmentally friendly. This is why we work with quality materials, such as wood, cork and stoneware, to create products that last over time. Every product we offer is handcrafted with the utmost care and we ensure that it is perfectly finished before offering it for sale.

An artisanal stationery store

At Atelier Orys, we are passionate about artisanal stationery and we offer a range of laser-engraved wooden notebooks and diaries. Each product is unique and is manufactured with care in our workshop. We use quality wood to ensure the durability of our products. Notebooks and diaries are essential whether for taking notes, making lists or planning appointments. Each product is laser engraved with unique designs, such as animals, plants or geometric patterns, for an elegant and refined look.

Atelier Orys, boutique artisanale et éco-responsable française

Our eco-responsible commitment

We are aware of the impact of our actions on the environment. This is why we are committed to offering eco-responsible products . We work with natural and sustainable materials to reduce our ecological footprint. We avoid plastic packaging and we use recyclable materials for our products. We also seek to limit our carbon footprint by favoring short circuits for the supply of our raw materials.

Atelier Orys, boutique artisanale et éco-responsable française

Our range of artisanal products

We offer a wide range of artisanal and eco-responsible products , such as notebooks and diaries, wooden hair clips, Tote bags, backpacks, mini shoulder bags made in Spain, desk lamps supplied in a kit that you can assemble yourself, as well as stoneware cups and mugs, cork trivets and varnished wood fiber coasters. We are convinced that you will find products with us that correspond to your tastes and your needs while respecting the environment.