Collection: Table art

Our collection of designer tableware

The art of table design is a field that still arouses great interest among interior decoration enthusiasts. It highlights carefully prepared dishes and creates a friendly atmosphere around a well-set table. Our company Atelier Orys specializes in the design of designer table accessories, which combine aesthetics and functionality. Among our creations, we can cite pink or white stoneware mugs and cups. These objects are handmade and their rustic appearance brings a touch of warmth to the table. The irregular patterns give them a unique charm, while their capacity makes them practical choices for breakfast or afternoon tea. To protect your table from marks, our Atelier Orys also offers engraved cork trivets. This natural material is both ecological and durable, and the relief engravings give it a sophisticated touch.

The matching varnished wood fiber coasters bring a touch of modernity to the whole, while protecting your furniture from stains. Finally, to add a geometric touch to your table, our workshop has created wooden coasters with geometric patterns. These designer accessories are made from quality wood, and the laser-engraved designs give them a contemporary look. They are perfect for dinners with friends or aperitif evenings. In short, our artisanal boutique Atelier Orys has succeeded in creating a range of designer tableware accessories that combine aesthetics, quality and functionality. Their use can transform an ordinary table into an elegant and warm one. If you are looking to bring a touch of modernity to your tableware, the creations of our Atelier Orys are a perfect choice.

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