Our history...
My name is Camille, I am a qualified graphic designer and passionate about art and pretty products. I created Atelier Orys in September 2021.
It all started in 2019 during an internship in Paris where I was able to discover laser cutting. My mission was to offer an original product created by me. This is where the idea came to me to offer a pretty wooden notebook, original and aesthetic. My choice of graphics immediately fell towards the patterns, whether art-deco or floral inspired. I offered an assortment of notebooks with various patterns and colors and they were very popular.
At the end of this internship, two years passed before I took the plunge and finally embarked on this great adventure: Atelier Orys.
I first set up my workshop in Murs-Erigné in an outbuilding at the bottom of my parents' garden which had to be renovated and fitted out to accommodate my future laser machine. This was able to be installed after many adventures and unforeseen events on December 24, 2021. What a lovely Christmas gift!
The next step was the most complicated. The launch: starting from scratch. Create a logo, products, a universe, a unique store. I was able to find inspiration within my family and in particular from my mother who was a great support to me! We have worked hard to offer you a brand that reflects our world and our values. A family boutique with artisanal products and a selection of favorites chosen with great care just for you!
Thank you to my family and my partner for allowing me to make this crazy project a reality...